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examines philosophical theories by reference to the needs of arts disciplines. This interaction of ... Aesthetics and ethics. Essays at the intersection. Edited by. JERROLD LEVINSON. University of Maryland, College Park. CAMBRIDGE. UNIVERSITY PRESS .... prise, conjecture, unification, analysis, and synthesis - manifest.
Carroll, Noël, The Philosophy of Horror or Paradoxes of the Heart, London: Routledge, 1990. ''Moderate Moralism'', British Journal of Aesthetics, 36, 1996, pp. 223–38. ''Art, Narrative, and Moral Understanding'', in Jerrold Levinson (ed.), Aesthetics and Ethics: Essays at the Intersection, Cambridge: Cambridge University
Aesthetics and Ethics: Essays at the Intersection. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1998. Lewis, Peter. Wittgenstein, Aesthetics, and Philosophy. Aldershot, England: Ashgate Press, 2004. Livingston, Paisley. Art and Intention: A Philosophical Study. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2005. Lopes, Dominic.
Aesthetics and Ethics: Essays at the Intersection - Google Books. ), the creation of art: new essays in philosophical aesthetics, cambridge university press, 2003, pp. studentsi am currently supervising clotilde torregrossa, james ursell, ashley watkins and panagiotis sotirios paris.), the philosophy of creativity: new essays,
Coady, C. A. J. (1992), Testimony: A Philosophical Study. Oxford: Oxford University Press. Cutting ... New Directions in Aesthetics, Creativity and the Arts. Amityville, NY: Baywood, pp. 33–46. Dowling, C. (2010), 'The Aesthetics of ... Aesthetics and Ethics: Essays at the Intersection. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.
This major collection of essays stands at the border of aesthetics and ethics and deals with charged issues of practical import: art and morality, the ethics of taste, and censorship. As such its potential interest is by no means confined to professional philosophers; it should also appeal to art historians and critics, literary
This module introduces students to some central issues in the Philosophy of Art. Our focus will be on whether the value of art is a special value, autonomous from ..... Aesthetics and Ethics: Essays at the Intersection (Cambridge University Press 1998), 182-203; James Anderson and Jeffrey Dean, 'Moderate Autonomism',
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D oes the ethical value of a work of art ever contribute to its aesthetic value? In what follows I shall refer to this as ' the ethical question ' . Philosophical tra- ... 223 – 238, and ' Art,. Narrative, and Moral Understanding ' , in J. Levinson (ed.), Aesthetics and Ethics: Essays at the. Intersection (Cambridge: Cambridge U.P., 1998),

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